February 26

I really fell off on my efforts this month – too many days off from a too busy schedule. But still I see progress so I’m happy. Just for fun I’m also posting a photo of the back. I am usually a super neat stitcher but with this piece it’s just impossible. Good news: the small amount of stitching (just 13 columns) of page 7 is in sight! 

January 26, Year 2

Quick update. A slow start getting back in to this but there is still some progress so I’m happy.

December 2016 update

I’m back on my map. In the month I took off, I finished three other projects that had been languishing.

First, a pair of socks that waited far too long for completion: 

I love them and I’m so glad they’re finally done. Next up is The Queen Bee Sampler by Shepherd’s Bush – the second stitch along for our store this year:

And finally, Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers – which was the first stitch along for our store this year. I can’t wait to get these last two framed! 

So for 2017 I’m going to TRY to keep other projects on track despite work on the map. Hoping to finish page 5 of the map this year. That leaves just pages 6, 7 and a few columns on page 8 before I get to start the second row…

November 26 Update

Here is my last month of progress for the year. I have decided to take a one-month break so that I can focus on completing a free other projects that aren’t getting much attention. Hopefully I can get a few of those done, which should energize me 

to get back to the Map.

October 26 – Arctic Circle done!!

Two pictures today, as this is getting wide enough that it’s hard to see detail when I capture the whole thing. I finished stitching the Arctic Circle yesterday, and am venturing on to pages 6 and 14. I will focus on completing page 5 now. I won’t make it to pages 7 and the bit of 8 there is yet this year, but very pleased I decided to complete the Arctic Circle first.

September 26

Making good progress on filling in the Arctic Circle. Should have it done in October. I love the look of the map as it fills in!

August 2016 Update

I thought I could finish page 4 by today, but it was not to be. Will probably finish that on Sunday. I have decided, though, to finish filling in the top circle of the map before continuing across the rest of the top. So that will likely take me through October…

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