January 2018 update

Okay, I’m late posting this but I just got back from our annual retreat and just totally forgot… Pretty good progress this month. Back in the Western hemisphere!


December 2017 update

I finished page 13 and am now basically where I wanted to be by year end – at the halfway point. In the next year I should be able to finish this second row and start in on the third. I still have a long way to go, but really love how it is looking!

November 2017 update

Good progress this month. Finished page 14 and have out the pages that bring me back to the center. I’m not likely to finish page 13 by the end of December, but will do as much as I can. It’s fun to stitch on pages that I’ve already used on the first pass – not as much to do!

October 2017 update

Slowing down a bit, it seems. But still making progress. Not so sure I’ll reach the center by year’s end…

September 2017 update

Moving slower on this of late. Just too many projects going! Still, I do see progress – which is exactly why I post these updates. To keep myself encouraged to keep going.

August 2017 update

I finished page 15 (in the lower right corner) before a lovely trip to Alaska with family to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday… so it seemed fitting to take the opportunity to unroll the whole piece for a full view photo now that we’re back. Getting there – but still a long way to go!

July 2017 update

Another month, another 2,400 stitches or so… Next month I’ll unroll the whole thing to get a full picture because I’ll be done with page 15 by then.




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